Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Pancakes Galdwin-Devonport

Diagnosed having suffered a stroke which caused neurological damage and went on the last journey to the big hutch in the sky.
All the world will be your enemy, Prince of a Thousand enemies. And when they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you; digger, listener, runner, Prince with the swift warning. Be cunning, and full of tricks, and your people will never be destroyed.

Time For Tea

Hi kids!

Just a quick note to draw your attention to this:

It's a competition to win some proper dandy tea based goodies. Yorkshire Tea goodies at that!
Taylors of Harrogate are, hands down, my favourite tea suppliers. I prefer to drink the loose leaf and am currently supping a china black with roses although Yorkshire Tea is my go-to-guy when I want a good ol' fashioned brew. I think one of the main things I enjoy about tea is the ritual of it, that and the flavour, are what draws me to loose leaf. They have a heart too and it good to know that they are Rainforest Alliance Certified. On a visit to Whitby last year I was delighted to find that all of the tea rooms sold Yorkshire Tea - bit daft of me really considering where I was.

I love Yorkshire! Now off to find me a reet rugged Yorkshire Man... Oh Sean Bean! Where are yooooou?!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Short Interlude

I had hoped after the blackout that was the week of insane work I would be here today to welcome you back. But no, fate is against us, as I forgot to bring my memory stick home with the pictures on I had scanned specifically for this post. So this is but a short interlude, after which the blackout will return (at least untill I remember my memory stick!)

I thought instead I'd share with you a secret of mine. It's a heavy burden on my heart to hold such love for one man....

I know what you're thinking, "that's enough of the 'Am Dram' missey". But it's not the fact that I totally love Doctor Who that's the secret. I've been a dork and a geek for far too many years to be worried about that. It's the effect Dr Who has on me; yes, you heard correct. I can roar like a baby at this show and it's just plain embarrassing. Journey's End is the one which set the water works off lately and is the one episode I cry at the most; closely followed by Bad Wolf Bay. I am not lying when I say for a good 20 minutes I was sat on the sofa with tears steaming down my hot little cheeks and wailing things like "he loves her, he really loves her!" and "I'm going to miss you Dr Donna, inside you was the one who died".

It's ok to laugh at me, I know I'm not normal.

One thing the floppy haired one hasn't been able to do yet is make me cry; don't get me wrong though I love Matt Smith but he's so opposite to David Tennant's Doctor. I'm going to get really flowery here but David Tennant's Doctor was turbulent and conflicted. Like there was violence in him and it took all of his will to suppress it. And there was love in there too but he can't show it, like the emotions did.not.compute. I think it's written on their faces too; David Tennant angular lines and sharp features couldn't be more different to Matt Smith's softer, chinny handsomeness.

They both make me go phoar though! And deep down, that's all that counts.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Look What I Made!

I made a pair of trousers! I haven't hemmed them because I like the length they are now. So the plan is that I turn these into a pair of shorts for the summer and make another pair of trousers but a little longer so that I can hem them.
Wadda'ya think?

The Museum Of Lincolnsire Life

So you know I said I was going savings account shopping?.... Well I didn't quite make it. I got sidetracked on a gander down the lane of childhod memories. There was twinkley bells and swirls of mist and everything!

I don't usually go into town anymore, or indeed anywhere on my own, it's not that I'm scared but you just don't really do it. On my way towards the Bailgate I got a sudden urge to turn off and head to Burton Road and in particular the Museum of Lincolnshire Life. Growing up in Lincoln I had, of course, my fair share of school trips to this local museum but I don't think that's where my childhood memory comes from. When we were little Mum always says we didn't have much money, not that I ever noticed, and being free to enter the museum was always a god way to spend a Saturday. I'm so happy that the museum is free once again and I hope to make more visits just to support it.

Back on to my nostalgia trip though. One of the facourite stories from when we were kids was the time I climbed under the velvet rope and into the Victorian nursery. I happily played with the toys while Mum tried to urge me out of there without drawing attention to the situation. They've put that display behind glass now, can't think why.
Free toys!
I thought I'd seen all of the displays ten times over but I was wrong. I'm not sure when they added it but now you can dress up as people from different eras and look at yourself in the mirror. I loved it! I also had to fight the urge not to stand there, on my own, and shout "ooof suits you sir, suits you!". I refrained though, just.

Suits you, 1950's chap
Definitly suits me, 1940's housewife

 I also very much enjoy looking at the shop displays, in particular the clothes shop. 

I am not a racist
Do want

The part which I am most proud of, as a yellow belly born and bred, is the display showing a tank. Lincoln provided a huge contribution to the war effort and was in fact the birthplace of the tank. If tanks do in fact birth, which I imagine to be nicer then an episode of One Born Every Minute, but that's by the by. The tank in the photograph is called Flirt and it's a female tank. The tank's gender depends on how many guns it has; the female has four machine guns, the male two machine guns and two 6-pounder guns (canons). The female of the species is more deadlier than the male, obviously.

To finish the day off I got chips and curry sauce from the sign of the fish where me and Dad used to go when I was little. I ate them and read my Saturday Gaurdian. Loverly jubberly! Best day ever.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

It's Still A Good Day.

I'm having a good All Over Day all over again today which makes it two in a row. Well now that's a record!
As promised I'm here to tell you about the parcel I received from the lovely Miss Becca.

It arrived on Friday at the same time as my new phone so I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, I can tell you! I had been expecting it as she sent me a text to forwarn me, but I was not prepared for how amazing it was going to be.

Miss Becca knows me so well!
At first I opened the brown packing paper and my heart took a little dip as I read those awful words "Fit Flops". Uh oh! Fitness wear. And then I laughed out loud as I read a post-it note stuck to the top of the box.

I was thilled to find no fitness wear inside what so ever, just pretty tea towels and chocolate! Mmm chocolate. The card was sweet also as I really love elephants (note to self: saw a stunning pendant with an elephant on in John Greed today which I must own come next payday).
Surely the best things to find in a Fit Flop box.
The best part, however, was this stunning little mirror which I have hung up with my bunting. It's like a little window; just too cute.
A finch and some cherry blossom
 It reminds me of the spring time which as it happens feels like it is right upon us now as the weather is definitly getting warmer.

Over to the second part and that's a quick word about today. I have had the best day ever pootleing all over town. In fact it was so good I'm going to do a separate post all special like but I also wanted to show you what I wore today.

Signiture pose
Reet lady-like
With a capital Hmm Yeah?
It's my other new top from Tesco. I feel the skirt let the outfit down as it's a bit short and hidden beneath the bottom of my cardigan is a panel of skulls and flowers - for my more rockabilly days. I also took a close up of the cardigan because, like yesterday's jumper, it has really cute detailing. I took one of my coat because I just love it.

Friday, 11 February 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes!

Yesterday I felt so ugly when I tried to take some photos of my new tops that I hopped straight in the shower (apres bloggy of course) and set about making today a good hair day. Only not just hair, all over. A good all over day.

New hair products? Check.
From yetti to Betty? Check.
Curlers in? Check, check, check!!

And I got some nice compliments today too, which I wasn't expecting. Not since the day I curled my hair, marched triuphantly into work and the very first thing said to me? "I can see you're having a bad hair day so I'll leave you alone." I was told that my hair was nice, girly and made my face look slimmer (with a quick "not that it needs to" slapped on the end).

So without further ado I give you my Good All Over Day!

My hair went a little squiffy in the photo because I shoved my glasses on top of my head. I was really please with how I looked and felt kind of late fifties/Marilyn Monroe. But here's the gag! Everything is highstreet and cheap highstreet at that. The shoes being Primark £4, skirt I bought yonks ago New Look £15 and jumper..... Tesco £8. You heard me! Tesco. Yeah the place I buy my food and loo roll from.

You can see the cute detail of on the jumper here and it's in such a nice dusky peachy pink. The necklace is of a reindeer and I bought it for 4euro in Dublin from Forever21. (I had to leave the shop because it was all too beautiful. I got a headache because I stopped breathing for some time.)

Tonight, as well as taking vain amounts of photos of myself, I went to a thing called a Hafla. It was a belly dancing show and raised money for breast cancer. I got changed out of my lovely outfit and popped in my new headscarf which was a gift from Miss Becca (more on that next blog). I was also tres happy with this look. I call this my Amelie look because it kind of, sort of, if I'm being really vain, looks like her? Maybe? If you squint.

Anywho. I'm off to Bedfordshire now as I have a busy day tomorrow of Savings Account Shopping. Yes, stimulating.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

So tired, tired of waiting....

Tired of waiting for shoes!
Fineally my new pumps arrived today. I spent all morning looking at my phone, shaking it, mouthing "why aren't you here?" and then discarding it on my desk. The delivery company usually send you a text when your parcel is on it's way you see.
And here they are, my lovelies!
They're so pretty. I'm very pleased with them. They may not be vintage but they sure are cute!
I bought them in the sale at Office and they only cost me £8.50 total. I also bought a couple of other things today but I'm feeling ugly tonight so will wait till another time to show you.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Big Thank You!

So my birthday was not last weekend but the weekend before. And I thought I had received all of my presents. My parents paid towards my trip to Dublin and also got me some Euro and  my friends got me some charms for my Love Links bracelet (the worry skull and a green bead to represent Ireland). So imagine my joy when a parcel arrived in the post for me today!
The contents of my Becca parcel

It was from the lovely Miss Becca and was a box of lovely curios. The top of the box was decorated in beautiful green and gold paper with a picture of a maypie; you can see it above. Magpies are my favourite birds and I would love to have a tattoo of one. Or two, actually, because I want them to represent joy like in the rhyme. I always salute magpies whenever I see them and I am very supersitious of them. If I see just one I spend ages looking around for another one so that I don't have sorrow. With all I have been through I have found it is important to hold on to the joy in your life, without it we are not human.

Can you see them?

Inside the box was a smaller box still and it contained a lovely pair of earings. Magpie earings made by Tatty Devine. Now I can have a pair of magpies with me whenever I wear them! Oh joy!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Hard Hand To Hold

It's a hard hand to hold
That is looking for control
It is tempting to fight
When you know that you're right,
It's hard to lie down
When you don't trust the ground
It's hard to hold on.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Reasons To Be Happy

After being in a "media blackout" whilest in Dublin I didn't get my usual Saturday paper so I am only just getting around to commenting on something I read in the previous Saturday's Gaurdian. It was a small article by Ben Goldacre called Bad Science: Feeling Low? Don't Blame It On Blue Monday.

Basically, according to old Benny Boy, the statistically most depressing day of the year dubbed "Blue Monday" is totally untrue and was dreamt up by Sky Travel to urge you to buy a holiday. I have to say I agree totally with everything he says. Not only because he seems to have actually looked into this in more depth than I ever have ("30 studies over 130 years") but also because from my own experience Blue Monday is certainly never as shit as the first day back to work after Christmas. Urrgh! I hate going back after any time off but after the Christmas holidays it just seems fifty times worse.

I also liked the line "communicating on mental health issues - like anything interesting - requires that you challenge stigma and assumptions, not reinforce them." Here, here! As you may be aware I love waffleing about mental health, it is my job after all!

I find Blue Monday being tosh a reason to be happy; because I do enjoy being right.