Monday, 19 December 2011

Benefit Giveaway!

So back in the beginning of December I told you all about how I won a stack of make-up in a raffle at the Lincoln Business Women's Link Christmas Lunch. (Photos of me looking like a gorm still haven't been put up yet but you can see me looking gormless in the summer here.) I've decided that instead of hoarding yet more products I won't use that I will give some of them away via my blog and so without further ado I give you my first ever blog give away!

This is Benefit magic ink jet-black liquid eyeliner which according to the Benefit website would set you back a whole £14.50 in new money. They also say it's "sexy, stunning & sinfully's the perfectly precise eyeliner for drama that lasts."

So to enter you must be a follower and leave a comment below. Another entry can be made if you tweet about it or re-tweet me (I'm MissRosieBeau by the way) but you must do so in a separate comment and post a link to your tweet.

The competition will close at 5pm on the 2nd January 2012 to give people plenty of time to enter and also get the festive business out of the way. Don't want this baby getting lost in the post now do we?! Please also be patient with me if anything does go wrong during this competition as it is my first one.

I bet the odds are going to be good since I don't have millions of followers but I do wish everyone who enters the best of luck!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

It's a Win/Win!

Today I went to the Christmas lunch for the Business Women's Link here in Lincolnshire. It was held at Branston Hall and we had a lovely three course meal and a talk from a motivational speaker.

At every event they do a raffle where the proceeds go to charity, this event's was the Relay For Life which raises funds for Cancer Research. I bought my ticket and didn't really expect to win anything. Imagine my surprise when I won the top prize; a gift box of nine Benefit full size cosmetics.

There's a hitch. I only wear my regular cosmetics and so some of these products I wouldn't ever use. What to do with them? Hmmm.... I dunno. Give them away?? Yeah go on then!

Stay tuned folks as I will be doing my first ever blog give away soon!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Holiday's A Comin'

I love Christmas! It's literally the most wonderful time of the year and I could never imagine being a humbug about it. I know it can get comercialised and going into town for anything can be a total mission because of the crowds. But! I get week off work over the Christmas period and every one just seems that little bit more cheerful which I really need since the clocks changed.

I started getting hyped up for the festive season back in October when I made the young gent drive me around the outskirts of Peterborough looking for the Hobbycraft so I could buy my gillter and card making items. While there we went to the most wonderful garden centre. I didn't even look at any plants!

So I don't think it's too soon to post some Christmas pictures. These were from the displays in the garden centre (which I can't remember the name of!)

This was the first display I saw and I'm not ashamed to say I nearly cried. The other display I'll leave for another post as I don't want it to get too boring.
As you can see the Freddies of Pinewood 1940's jeans made yet another outing along with a stripey jumper which was originally from Topshop but I bought from a charity shop.

I hope everyone else feels as wonderfully festive as I do and I'm off to the Lincoln Christmas Market tonight to drink mulled wine and feel even more festive. I think I might explode!

Wish List

Why is it that when it's Christmas time and you should be saving your pennies to buy fantastic, thoughtfull gifts for your loved ones you see a million things that you want to buy for yourself?

Why does fate taunt me with these beautiful baubles?!

Alika black circle by Bettie Page Clothing available at

La Riviera 1940-50's Women's Pendleton Style Jacket - Brown-Blue-Green Check available at

Teal 1940's Button Top available at

Selvedge Jeanies also available at

Back in Black

Hello. Hello! Look at that! The whole of November wizzed past me and not a single post, no wonder I'm not so good at this blogging lark.

Anyway I just thought I'd pop by to show you my new dress.

I got it from Ebay for a few bob and absolutely LOVE it. It's not vintage, just a Marks and Sparks lil' number but I think it's like a 50's tea dress. It's going to be a wardrobe staple I do believe. Black being the colour of the majority of my outfits. I can wear this dress with wooly tights and a little scarf in the winter and with bare legs in the spring. Maybe some bright jewelry too to summer it up a bit.

The scarf I am wearing is from Accessorize and few years ago and features a lovely pattern of swallows (which you can't see here) and stripes. Everything in the outfit is high street and yet I still feel wonderfully vintage.

Stay tuned folks for my other lovely new BLACK dress which I bought from the Pin-Up Parade!!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

This post is a Happy alloween greeting and also something of an outfit post to show off my new winter dress. I got it last weekend at my favourite vintage shop in Lincoln and as soon as I tried it on I knew it was mine. It's a woolen 1950's wiggle dress and is super warm. My green bag, which is barely visable, was from a charity shop in Pickering and my shoes are brogues from Office.

It made such a difference being toasty warm instead of my usual slightly chilly and annoyed.

We took the pictures in my local cemetary and I'm really sorry for the awkard posing. I'm just not used to it yet. There's only one ting for it: I'll have to buy more outfits so I can practice!

Have a good weekend folks and don't get too scared!

Pickering War Weekend

After Italy I had one training day, which was fantastic but I'm not sure how interested everyone else is in Improving Access to Psychological Therapies, and then I was off again for a weekend away. And what a fantastic weekend it was! In all honesty there is not a single thing I would change or would have had differently. That weekend was indeed Pickering War Weekend!

We stayed at a nice bed and breakfast in Whitby on Friday night travelling there straight from work so that we could go straight on the train the next morning. I have to point out that I am not a train geek but there's just something so fun and different about going on the North York Moors steam train. Plus with everyone else all dressed in their forties finery it was even more nostalgic. The train was running quite late and in the end it was quite a long trip to get to Pickering but entirely worth it and the food trolley helped a lot. One of my favourite stops along the way was at Levisham or Le Visham as it was re-enacting German occupied France. When we stopped there were lots of people dressed as various German military men and they were all great at their characters. At one point an officer (correct me if I'm wrong but I don't know about military hierarchies) stormed onto the train to demand people's documents. I think it was great that Germany was represented and they certainly got lots of laughs wherever they went.

When we were at Pickering the streets were full of people and the town looked almost like a film set. Also there were lots of stalls and the local shops had gone to efforts to fit in with the theme. At the local chocolate I bought reproduction Ministry of Food chocolate and at a charity shop I bought a handbag and stockings. While outside I ummed and ahhed about getting a little suitcase and as I was holding it and faffing I got a very nice compliment from a St John's volunteer so I immediately when straight back in the shop and bought it too. An action I do not regret! There was also two girls doing hairdressing out in a pub car park and they drew such a crowd to watch the bouffs they were producing. Quite rightly too as their rolls were victorious!

After wandering all over we went for lunch at the local Primary School and it all felt very war effort; plus we were glad that our dinner money went to a good cause. We toddled back to the train station but ended up going to the pub over the road and since the trains were running so late we confidently stayed 30 minutes after the timetabled last train. When we got to the platform we only had minutes to wait before our Whitby train arrived which was a stroke of luck.

As soon as the train got in at Whitby station we made straight for the Magpie cafe since I know the waiting times can be long. The fish and chips are worth it though and when we got sat down we had two lovely tables of people either side of us. We had really good conversations with the people around us as they were very interested in our day and why we liked dressing up. It was nice that they felt comfortable enough to ask and we both enjoyed the attention and interest. I also told them about my Grandma being in the ATS and at the end of the meal the lady to my left said as she left "I think you have a book in you". What a compliment!

On Sunday we spent to day walking around Whitby and even though it's not so big we found plenty to amuse ourselves. I had my palm read which something I’ve wanted doing for a while and do you know she was spot on; I could have cried at some of the things she said. We also found a pie shop and since pie is one of our major food groups we were very excited. Imagine how much more excited we were when we went in, got sat down and realised the interior was all decorate 1940's. How fantastic is that! We fitted in perfectly and it felt like our own little time-warp dining room. To the point that when other customers came in we were saying to each other "quick! Call the police. Some chap's just come wondering into our dining room."

That evening we headed home sleepy, happy and still full of pie.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Roman Holiday

Well not quite Rome but recently I did go to Italy! The South of Italy to a lovely little coastal town called Tropea where the local specialities are their chillies and red onions. It's a small town so there isn't a great sight to do but it's all you need if your hols are to be a relaxing a restoring experience with much lounging and loafing. I did so much reading while away it was great and something I need to do much more of.

Unfortunately the weather was not too great at times and on one day it actually haled but I guess that's the luck of the draw if you go out of season. It was very warm when the sun did come out and we did manage to get a couple of days in at the beach.

My Freddies of Pinewood jeans were a lifesaver on the cooler days and a fantastic investment. If you're "umming" and "erring" over buying a pair stop it and snap them up!


And fineally it seems the Italians love Nutella as much as I do. 

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Circle Skirt Sew Along

If you don't know me very well then you don't know that I am crazy for circle skirts and most especially border print circle skirts *gasp*! I own a couple of circle skirts but have been dying to increase my wardrobe with more as I think they are very flattering to my figure and so nice to wear in the summer. When it gets a little chilly (as it appears to be doing right now) I’d love to have a quilted circle skirt to wear with thick tights for a bit of warmth. All these skirts don’t come cheap though and in the case of the quilted skirt they’re not exactly easy to find too. With this in mind I bought a pattern and have been prattling on at my Mum for ages to help me make one; or many because I don’t believe you can ever have too many circle skirts.

Due to us both having lots to do at the weekends we haven’t as yet managed to get together and get sewing. And then suddenly up pops a smashing blog post from Casey’s Elegant Musings for a circle skirt sew along. I’ve only just read her post and am already far too excited to be normal. I love the idea of doing this sew along and getting all the tips and inspirations as we all do it together. I had been thinking of doing the New Vintage Lady sew along however felt like I needed something more suitable to my skill level (i.e. beginners). As Casey has said in her blog this is a great sew along for all as it’s a dandy project for us beginners who will be able to learn some of the basics to make a simple circle skirt. As well as being interesting for the more advanced sewers who can embellish, quilt and generally do fancy things to their skirts.

In the words of everyone’s favourite sponge “I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready!”

This fantastic skirt and many more can be found at this here blog: I especially like the Chirstmas themed one too!

See you all soon with hopefully more circle skirt mayhem! Ta-raa lovlies!

Post Script: Check out my new follower Twila Jean's blog always looks beatiful and I wish I had flaming hair like hers. She's a gem!

Friday, 12 August 2011

FatCat Friday - Relax

FatCat say relax. Tomorrow's Saturday.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

It's Been A While

How are you old chums? It's been a while.

Technical difficulties hound me still and where as before I would get a cheeky post in during work time I am now so busy that I barely have time for a spot of tea! I'm still enjoying work though and have had three very fun/important/busy events going on. The first being the Royal Visit where I got to meet Prince Edward and I shook him firmly by the hand while mumbling something like "hi". My boss texted me after the day was over and thanked me for my hard word and confidence; she said I was everything she knew I could be. I also got many compliments for my dress which was a 1940's reproduction tea dress from the fantastic Electric Gypsy. They really are brillient and I can't wait to have some spare cash so I can buy more dresses. More!

Then two weeks later it was the annual Pelican Trust Summer Outing which this year was to Mablethorpe. I can't deny I was very excited and I like to think the feeling spread to others as I have been told it was the best summer outing for year. I received a lovely thank you card which was handmade by a learner and signed by everyone; they even remembered I love Whitby as they made it with a picture of Whitby Abbey on.

Talking of Whitby I shall be going there straight after I come back from my family holiday to Italy. I'm off up north to my favourite seaside town for the Railway in Wartime weekend. And you guessed it I'll be wearing a dress from Electric Gypsie since I just can't get enough of that shop. I'm pretty nervous for the Wartime Weekend because I've already looked up pictures from previous years and everyone looks so amazing and period accurate. I keep telling myself that I'm just starting out and one day I'll have a fantastic wardrobe full of period pieces too.

Anyway I hope that was enough ramblings for now and I hope to have many more wonderful blog posts for you soon.

Ta raa for now!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


It's been so long! Where have I been? Everywhere and yet nowhere.

Life's been a tad hectic lately as a lot has been kicking off work wise and since I don't have the internet at home this means I don't get a chance to write any posts. I really am very sorry. If you don't know me then you won't know that in February I fully moved into my promotion as Development Officer for the small Lincoln based mental health charity which I have worked at for the past three years. It keeps me out of trouble and I really do love my job.

And so dispite such a long absense I really don't have a fat sight to tell you.

I tried my hand at applique and am really pleased with the results. It's a bit out of season what with being a reindeer but I love reindeer thanks to a song by the Knife.

I did this design onto a pillow case, wrapped it up in pink paper and ribbon and sent it to Miss Jessy Belle.

I have been visiting my parents and that means lots of lovely hugs and spoils for Felipe! I'm pretty sure hugs and kisses don't mean the same thing to rabbits as they do to humans but I give him lots anyhow. I've also been putting his lead on him and trying to get him used to it but I'm not sure he likes it much. He's terribly stubborn.

For the Bank Holiday Weekend I had some friends over and it was so much fun. There was lots of walking up and down Steep Hill (which is actually a ridge). As you can tell from the name it is of a steep gradient and my left knee still hasn't stopped clicking. There was lots of shopping with Lucinda and plenty of pubbing with David. Indi came over for the Sunday night and we all had dinner at the AMAZING Brown's Pie Shop( then off to the cinema to see The Hangover 2. I baked mushroom pies and cupcakes for David and Lu which had for dinner on Saturday night. I also baked a Victoria Sponge with berries on top for Indi which we had when we got back from the cinema. As if that all wasn't enough on Monday night we did the Lincoln Ghost Walk and had dinner at Thailand No1.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hair Today...

...Gone Tomorrow. Well Saturday actually. Here I am second time in as many days with, this time, a slightly vain post all about my hair.

On Saturday after my shower I was thinking what to do with my poor heat damaged hair as I wanted to curl it in a pony tail, Grease Lightning style I call it, but I really didn't want to use my curlers on it like I ordinarily would. My curling tongs are Nicky Clarke hottest you can get and they literally burn my hair - not good! So messing around I did a few large pin curls one on my left and two on my right to compensate for my ridiculous side parting; I was working from memory of a you tube video I'd seen nigh on years ago. They turned out pretty good but I wasn't sure what to do with the rest of my hair as I couldn't very well just leave it straight. So with nothing to lose I tried my very first hair roll at the back. Well it my not have been perfect but I loved it. I got out of my car at Mum and Dad's house shouting "look at me barnet!" and Dad said it was "Nanny hair" meaning that's how his Mum used to wear hers.

I then went to a Rockabilly gig looking slightly last decade (i.e. 1940's) but that didn't matter. There were loads of jive dancers there and I even got invited to lessons which I'm going to start tonight. Scary/exciting. By the time I got home I flopped into bed and didn't take the curls out (which was the plan I promise!). Woke up in the morning and loved my new curls! It was really comfy to sleep in too because there were not curlers or bendy rollers poking in the back of my head. Once brushed out they went a bit big but I think that's because I still need to perfect brushing out.

So what do you think? I'm over the moon and now I know how to wear my hair for Raucby War Weekend. Yippie!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Remember Me?

How long has it been? Months? I've been pretty lax on the blogging front I know but I think I'm back. I am also back to using my old camera phone which has 12.1 mega pixels. Well good. It's a bit of a Steven Hawking of the technology world though. Really clever but keeps crashing.

Any way I'm just going to give you a little update of the most fun thing which has happened to me lately (I say most fun when I really mean the only fun, sigh).

T'other weekend I braved the cold climate and when oop north to Newcastle to visit my sister (and yes I really thought it was cold despite the constant sunshine). Aside from seeing my sister, going to the theatre, visiting the lovely seaside town of Tynemouth, finding pretty Stratton compacts and going to the Baltic Art Gallery the highlights for me were, of course, the food. I think I have an issue.

Unagi Bento

Miss Jessy Belle excited for her Tempura Bento

One of my big food loves is Bento which I think I may have mentioned before. If Bento is on the menu then everything else is off in my books. Above is a picture of my Unagi Bento which was teriyaki eel. I have read about what eel is like as a food before and I have to say it was an experience but I won't be going there again in a hurry. It was bony and I think I'd have enjoyed a nice tofu steak more. An experience though and now I know Unagi. My biggest let down was that they had run out of the vegetable gyoza; I still need to try them. Need!

But wait, there's more! More food? Oh you betcha.

The main event was Afternoon Tea at Jesmond Dene House. It was lovely and we looked like Bright Young Things sitting there with our nightclub hand stamps (which wouldn't wash off) on the backs of our hands. Afternoon Tea is right posh hangover food.
It was all so perfect and despite looking like not much ("I'll have you know I'm going to eat the lot" were my famous last words) it was actually really filling so we took some home in boxes; though apparently not called a doggy bag.

The top tier of sweets were stunning and if I were on Come Dine With Me I would love to be able to do something like that for dessert. Very sweet but it was fun and such a nice selection.

A big thank you to Jessy for a lovely Royal Wedding Weekend and taking me for awesome Afternoon Tea. Nom!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

In The Pink

While having my usual tea and toast this morning it struck me how much lipstick I may actually consume. Since I don't wear it every day it's most likely not going to be as much as someone like Dita Von Teese but I think I still may be eating a fair old bit. It made my tummy turn.

Today I am wearing No7 Moisture Drench in Petal which I bought for £2.50 some years ago. Maybe I should get a new one? This old lippy has been through hell and high water with me. At the same time I think as I took it with me on holiday to France where I had to stash it in the fridge to stop it melting. It's also the first lipstick I ever bought and therefore it holds a certain nostalgia for me. So you see a new one is out of the question.

I do have issues with it though, as I do all lipstick. You see at first the matt colour coating your lips feels nice, your lips are full and soft. Over the passage of time they dry out and colour then takes on a nasty rough sensation which is quite cloying. My only option is to completely remove it which also manages to remove the make-up from the lower portion of my face. Disaster! I now have to reapply everything and I feel the job it utterly bodged. I have tried primers, balms and such to try to keep my lips moisturised the whole day but then the downfall of that is it makes the lipstick slippery and comes off willy nilly on china, cup and cutlery. (Also door frames but we won't go there with that story)

Such is life. I shan't give up!

Monday, 21 March 2011