Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Festival of the Forties

Last weekend we kicked off the 1940's events summer calendar with the Festival of the Forties over near Peterborough. Location wise we are really lucky because I live in Lincoln which is easy to get to the events in the north of the county and my other half lives near Peterborough so we can stay at his to get to the events further south such as Twinwood Festival over near Bedford.

This was our first time visiting the Festival of the Forties as we had planned to go last year but it was rained off and had to be cancelled. It was such a shame that the festival didn't get to go ahead last year but I'm really glad they were deterred and came back again this year. The weather was beautiful and we had a great day. It was only £6 to enter so very good value for money. My favourite part had to be the shopping, and I spent far too much money, but there was a great array of living history displays.

I wore my dress from Eclectic Gypsy which I bought about 2 years ago and wore once. After that I gained some weight and it no longer fitted. I was thrilled and it felt like I had a brand new outfit. There's quite a few pictures but I hope you enjoy them!

I am a red head again! I dyed my hair for the Americana a couple of weeks ago and have been loving the new brighter shade of red. I tend to do my hair in this style a lot and have got it down to quite the fine art; I can do this for work in the mornings and not have to get up any earlier than usual (I take about 40 minutes getting ready in the morning). The sunglasses I got for free from Specsavers since I was waiting a very long time for my reading glasses.

My favourite display was this red cross tent, very gory!

There was a little back yard display of animals too so obviously I stayed a while around the cute little piggley wiggley and the rabbit was beautiful. He was a velvet rex and now I need one of my own!