Monday, 31 March 2014

Our Italian Adventure

After reading Jessica's post, lets go on a vintage honeymoon to Italy, on her wonderful blog I felt compelled to share some of our holiday photos from when we went to Southern Italy last October. We stayed in the Hotel St Lucia which is just outside of the town Tropea and located in the region of Calabria; I describe it as being on the top of the toe of the boot. It's a wonderful little coastal town with plenty of colourful local residents and winding cobbled lanes.

Every morning we would take the bus into town and wander to our favourite cafe to sit and drink lattes while people watching. We would then go for a stroll and look around some of the shops, go to the museum, or just explore all of the picturesque little streets. Once we had wandered enough we would then walk down to the beach and sit with our toes in the sand, drinking yet more lattes, and reading. As we went in the first week of October the weather was perfect for me since I don't like being too hot. One or two days were a bit too warm but mainly it was just comfortable for wearing capri pants and a cardigan.

We did break our routine for one day to go on a boat trip out to Stromboli, the active volcano. The trip was for the afternoon and evening so that you could see the lava bursts at night time. Though we didn't see much lava at all we loved standing out on the deck in the cool, clear night and looking up at the milky way. Stromboli itself is so beautiful with its black sands and white wash buildings. The region of Calabria has a heavy Greek influence as historically it was colonised by the Greeks until the 3rd century BC. However, to me, Stromboli had an even greater Grecian feel with the white buildings and blue doors. We wandered around the village a bit but there was not much to do and we eventually found a cafe we could get some dinner at and, you guessed it, a latte! Strolling by the sea there I felt so relaxed and as though I had not a care in the world, which I think is the whole point of a holiday.