Monday, 19 December 2011

Benefit Giveaway!

So back in the beginning of December I told you all about how I won a stack of make-up in a raffle at the Lincoln Business Women's Link Christmas Lunch. (Photos of me looking like a gorm still haven't been put up yet but you can see me looking gormless in the summer here.) I've decided that instead of hoarding yet more products I won't use that I will give some of them away via my blog and so without further ado I give you my first ever blog give away!

This is Benefit magic ink jet-black liquid eyeliner which according to the Benefit website would set you back a whole £14.50 in new money. They also say it's "sexy, stunning & sinfully's the perfectly precise eyeliner for drama that lasts."

So to enter you must be a follower and leave a comment below. Another entry can be made if you tweet about it or re-tweet me (I'm MissRosieBeau by the way) but you must do so in a separate comment and post a link to your tweet.

The competition will close at 5pm on the 2nd January 2012 to give people plenty of time to enter and also get the festive business out of the way. Don't want this baby getting lost in the post now do we?! Please also be patient with me if anything does go wrong during this competition as it is my first one.

I bet the odds are going to be good since I don't have millions of followers but I do wish everyone who enters the best of luck!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

It's a Win/Win!

Today I went to the Christmas lunch for the Business Women's Link here in Lincolnshire. It was held at Branston Hall and we had a lovely three course meal and a talk from a motivational speaker.

At every event they do a raffle where the proceeds go to charity, this event's was the Relay For Life which raises funds for Cancer Research. I bought my ticket and didn't really expect to win anything. Imagine my surprise when I won the top prize; a gift box of nine Benefit full size cosmetics.

There's a hitch. I only wear my regular cosmetics and so some of these products I wouldn't ever use. What to do with them? Hmmm.... I dunno. Give them away?? Yeah go on then!

Stay tuned folks as I will be doing my first ever blog give away soon!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Holiday's A Comin'

I love Christmas! It's literally the most wonderful time of the year and I could never imagine being a humbug about it. I know it can get comercialised and going into town for anything can be a total mission because of the crowds. But! I get week off work over the Christmas period and every one just seems that little bit more cheerful which I really need since the clocks changed.

I started getting hyped up for the festive season back in October when I made the young gent drive me around the outskirts of Peterborough looking for the Hobbycraft so I could buy my gillter and card making items. While there we went to the most wonderful garden centre. I didn't even look at any plants!

So I don't think it's too soon to post some Christmas pictures. These were from the displays in the garden centre (which I can't remember the name of!)

This was the first display I saw and I'm not ashamed to say I nearly cried. The other display I'll leave for another post as I don't want it to get too boring.
As you can see the Freddies of Pinewood 1940's jeans made yet another outing along with a stripey jumper which was originally from Topshop but I bought from a charity shop.

I hope everyone else feels as wonderfully festive as I do and I'm off to the Lincoln Christmas Market tonight to drink mulled wine and feel even more festive. I think I might explode!

Wish List

Why is it that when it's Christmas time and you should be saving your pennies to buy fantastic, thoughtfull gifts for your loved ones you see a million things that you want to buy for yourself?

Why does fate taunt me with these beautiful baubles?!

Alika black circle by Bettie Page Clothing available at

La Riviera 1940-50's Women's Pendleton Style Jacket - Brown-Blue-Green Check available at

Teal 1940's Button Top available at

Selvedge Jeanies also available at

Back in Black

Hello. Hello! Look at that! The whole of November wizzed past me and not a single post, no wonder I'm not so good at this blogging lark.

Anyway I just thought I'd pop by to show you my new dress.

I got it from Ebay for a few bob and absolutely LOVE it. It's not vintage, just a Marks and Sparks lil' number but I think it's like a 50's tea dress. It's going to be a wardrobe staple I do believe. Black being the colour of the majority of my outfits. I can wear this dress with wooly tights and a little scarf in the winter and with bare legs in the spring. Maybe some bright jewelry too to summer it up a bit.

The scarf I am wearing is from Accessorize and few years ago and features a lovely pattern of swallows (which you can't see here) and stripes. Everything in the outfit is high street and yet I still feel wonderfully vintage.

Stay tuned folks for my other lovely new BLACK dress which I bought from the Pin-Up Parade!!