Thursday, 25 August 2011

Circle Skirt Sew Along

If you don't know me very well then you don't know that I am crazy for circle skirts and most especially border print circle skirts *gasp*! I own a couple of circle skirts but have been dying to increase my wardrobe with more as I think they are very flattering to my figure and so nice to wear in the summer. When it gets a little chilly (as it appears to be doing right now) I’d love to have a quilted circle skirt to wear with thick tights for a bit of warmth. All these skirts don’t come cheap though and in the case of the quilted skirt they’re not exactly easy to find too. With this in mind I bought a pattern and have been prattling on at my Mum for ages to help me make one; or many because I don’t believe you can ever have too many circle skirts.

Due to us both having lots to do at the weekends we haven’t as yet managed to get together and get sewing. And then suddenly up pops a smashing blog post from Casey’s Elegant Musings for a circle skirt sew along. I’ve only just read her post and am already far too excited to be normal. I love the idea of doing this sew along and getting all the tips and inspirations as we all do it together. I had been thinking of doing the New Vintage Lady sew along however felt like I needed something more suitable to my skill level (i.e. beginners). As Casey has said in her blog this is a great sew along for all as it’s a dandy project for us beginners who will be able to learn some of the basics to make a simple circle skirt. As well as being interesting for the more advanced sewers who can embellish, quilt and generally do fancy things to their skirts.

In the words of everyone’s favourite sponge “I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready!”

This fantastic skirt and many more can be found at this here blog: I especially like the Chirstmas themed one too!

See you all soon with hopefully more circle skirt mayhem! Ta-raa lovlies!

Post Script: Check out my new follower Twila Jean's blog always looks beatiful and I wish I had flaming hair like hers. She's a gem!

Friday, 12 August 2011

FatCat Friday - Relax

FatCat say relax. Tomorrow's Saturday.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

It's Been A While

How are you old chums? It's been a while.

Technical difficulties hound me still and where as before I would get a cheeky post in during work time I am now so busy that I barely have time for a spot of tea! I'm still enjoying work though and have had three very fun/important/busy events going on. The first being the Royal Visit where I got to meet Prince Edward and I shook him firmly by the hand while mumbling something like "hi". My boss texted me after the day was over and thanked me for my hard word and confidence; she said I was everything she knew I could be. I also got many compliments for my dress which was a 1940's reproduction tea dress from the fantastic Electric Gypsy. They really are brillient and I can't wait to have some spare cash so I can buy more dresses. More!

Then two weeks later it was the annual Pelican Trust Summer Outing which this year was to Mablethorpe. I can't deny I was very excited and I like to think the feeling spread to others as I have been told it was the best summer outing for year. I received a lovely thank you card which was handmade by a learner and signed by everyone; they even remembered I love Whitby as they made it with a picture of Whitby Abbey on.

Talking of Whitby I shall be going there straight after I come back from my family holiday to Italy. I'm off up north to my favourite seaside town for the Railway in Wartime weekend. And you guessed it I'll be wearing a dress from Electric Gypsie since I just can't get enough of that shop. I'm pretty nervous for the Wartime Weekend because I've already looked up pictures from previous years and everyone looks so amazing and period accurate. I keep telling myself that I'm just starting out and one day I'll have a fantastic wardrobe full of period pieces too.

Anyway I hope that was enough ramblings for now and I hope to have many more wonderful blog posts for you soon.

Ta raa for now!