Saturday, 16 November 2013

Dare to Bear

For Children in Need this year myself and a couple of other ladies took part in the Dare to Bear campaign and didn't ware any make-up. As a part of the social and events committee at my work I also took part in the pyjama day too so I pretty much looked like I'd just rolled out of bed, in a 1940s housecoat. It was very interesting listening to some of the opinions one or two others felt about coming to work without the war paint. I thought it would be so easy to begin with but as time progressed and I was thinking about what I would be wearing I then found it difficult to extricate to make-up from my 1940s image.

While not being vain I wouldn't say I was awful to look at without make-up yet I had a hard time going out in 1940s dress without being fully "made". I feel that I have spent so long working on this vintage "look" whether that be of the 1940s or 50s which includes the make-up. So when I tried to take that away it felt kind of odd. When I am doing my make-up for an event, which is far more dramatic than my daily make-up including eye liner and bright red lipstick, as I put each new layer of make-up on I feel I am becoming more myself and then when I'm finished it's like I recognise me again.

I hadn't realised this was happening but going without the make-up really reminded me that I am always myself even without all of the paint. It was a good feeling so today I decided to go totally natural; it also saves so much time getting ready! So here I am in my natural state without make-up and with my plain old straight hair.