Monday, 21 March 2011

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Lazy Sunday

Well first things first I have fixed my laptop! After consulting our IT guy at work, who said it sounds like it's the memory and will cost £30 for a new one, I decided to follow Elaine's sage advice of plugging it in. And Robert's your Father's brother it worked! I told my boss about it and she asked me how I live my life and have managed to get to the ripe old age of 23, it was a good ol' giggle but I was terribly shy around the IT guy that day.

Anywho! Yesterday while poking about the blogs I saw a lady in a headscarf and I realised I don't wear mine nearly enough anymore. About 6 months ago I proclaimed the headscarf to be fashion and I think they're getting there which I'm glad about because it means lots more lovely things for me to purchase on the highstreet. Today I wore my favourite scarf which was given to me by the Jesse Belle with a casual get up of jeans with turn ups, mink jumper and black pumps (I am dreaming of pony skin pumps - I'm such a terrible vegetarian!). I hate this time of the month because of my roots making my parting look huge; hair is dyed on the last weekend of the month.

'Cuse the messy bed but it's laundry day, alright?

Well today was lazy because I flopped around in bed till 9.30am which to me, these days, is a total lie in. Then I got up, had boiled eggys, phoned Mum, phoned Jesse Belle, did my laundry, washed up the dishes, received a few calls from an American, and then hopped in the moter to go to Mum and Dad's for food and rabbits. Boy, oh boy, have those babies grown and they are big enough now for cuddles and photos. Poor things! Dad's a big softy and has given them names already and decided on their gender. He does this by looking at their faces and deciding which have "kind eyes". It's no better than my method though which is wait till they grown a pair. God love him!

Apple of my eye though is still Phillip or Felipe Massa when I'm feeling silly, which as it happens is most of my life. Ha!

Thursday, 10 March 2011


For once you have fallen low. Let us see in the future how high you can rise.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

How About Kew?

On Saturday me and Indi spent a lovely day in London town visiting the wonderful world of Kew Gardens.
It was a bit on the chilly side so we spent much of our time in the fantastic tropical green house looking at all the beautiful flowers. It was the last weekend of the Tropical Extravaganza display and it did not dissappoint! With thousands of orchids my mind was very over stimulated and I was a happy bunny indeed.

I'll just post a load of pictures now and let them speak their words.

A triffid! Oh my god. And look at the size of it next to that woman!

The Joys of Spring!

It's a beautiful sunny day and I thought I'd share with you some pictures of this years babies!

Naww! Teeny tiny bunny babies doing their itty bitty baby binkies!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Ro! Bento

When I attempt to make my own sushi it gets it's own special name. I name thee Ro!Sushi. Get it? Yo!Sushi? Anyway I think it's because I don't really follow proper Japanese recipes as I get a bit carried away with the artistic liscence so I decided it had to have a different name to point out that it's purely my own version of sushi. This name I have also extended to Bento.

If you don't know what Bento is prepare to have your mind blown! I know mine was.

Bento is a little Japanese lunch box and it has many variations all beauitful in their own way. None more so though than the intricately crafted Kyaraben where parents painstakingly craft their child's lunch in the likeness of their favourite anime or game characters.

I remember when I first discovered Bento while on holiday in France; I was reading a copy of Neo Anime magazine when I came across an article all about Bento. I refused to put it down there after and read it so often that I knew it by heart. Ever after I was obsessed with Bento. I love vintage and old things but I also love Japan and bright plastic new things; oh yes including that loveable little cat Hello Kitty. I feel they are two very opposite tastes but I love them anyway.

The best website I have found for Bento is because it contains beautiful, vibrant images and great recipes which give me loads of inspiration.

This is my very own Ro! Bento. It contains baked sweet potato stars and normal potato hearts on some lettuce with Greek salad on the side. I call it Ro! Bento because the food is all western but I like to do it with a Bento flair. I've picked up my Bento cook book from the parental's household so hopefully soon I can show you some proper Bento's.

Doesn't it just make a dull office lunch that little bit more fun?!
Nom nom! I love food!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

My Second Favourite City

I have never made any bones of the fact that I love Lincoln. It is my favourite city in the country and despite the fact that on occasions it may not have been the happiest place for me when the sun shines going down the hill or on a warm balmy day walking around the old buildings the place just makes me smile inside. On those occasions I remember why I'm here.

There is another city which attracts my eye, Newcastle, and comes very close second. I've only visited twice but my word I love that place. The people are so friendly, the buildings are stunning and the sun has always shone on my visits even in winter. In my last post I cited one of the reasons for my lax blogging is due to a visit to the afore mentioned city which was to celebrate my mum and sister's birthday. We went to a lovely restaurant called the Big Mussel where I and dad ordered bi-valve molluscs. They were some of the best I've tasted! There was also live music in the form of two young men playing a bit of jazz (I gave one a special smile when I left; he was cute and ginger!)

Here are a few pictures of my visit. I didn't take many and I apologise for the poor quality but I hate the camera on my new phone.

Even their weighing scales have vintage style!

The most beautiful buidling I have ever seen

Shoddy photo but purely for Mr. Maddock

Mother and Daughter

Father and Daughter

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My Sincerest Apologies

I feel like such a let down to you. There I was saying how there's going to be a short black out and then I'll return all big and wow with my best post yet. And here we are 1st March and I still have not managed to achieve said post. Excuses excuses I know won't wash but really life has been hectic. I finished up my NVQ with not a minute to spare, visited my sister Newcastle and moved house. When I attempted to connect to the broadband at new house I some how managed to break the memory on my rather antique laptop. £30 the laptop cost me and now I'm wondering if it's really worth getting it fixed. In the mean time I can't even turn it on so really the black out continues without a hope of light at the end.

I'll sign off for now and an underterminable length of time.

Here's some piccy wiccys from the last bright sunshiney day of summer last year.