Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My Sincerest Apologies

I feel like such a let down to you. There I was saying how there's going to be a short black out and then I'll return all big and wow with my best post yet. And here we are 1st March and I still have not managed to achieve said post. Excuses excuses I know won't wash but really life has been hectic. I finished up my NVQ with not a minute to spare, visited my sister Newcastle and moved house. When I attempted to connect to the broadband at new house I some how managed to break the memory on my rather antique laptop. £30 the laptop cost me and now I'm wondering if it's really worth getting it fixed. In the mean time I can't even turn it on so really the black out continues without a hope of light at the end.

I'll sign off for now and an underterminable length of time.

Here's some piccy wiccys from the last bright sunshiney day of summer last year.

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