Thursday, 3 March 2011

My Second Favourite City

I have never made any bones of the fact that I love Lincoln. It is my favourite city in the country and despite the fact that on occasions it may not have been the happiest place for me when the sun shines going down the hill or on a warm balmy day walking around the old buildings the place just makes me smile inside. On those occasions I remember why I'm here.

There is another city which attracts my eye, Newcastle, and comes very close second. I've only visited twice but my word I love that place. The people are so friendly, the buildings are stunning and the sun has always shone on my visits even in winter. In my last post I cited one of the reasons for my lax blogging is due to a visit to the afore mentioned city which was to celebrate my mum and sister's birthday. We went to a lovely restaurant called the Big Mussel where I and dad ordered bi-valve molluscs. They were some of the best I've tasted! There was also live music in the form of two young men playing a bit of jazz (I gave one a special smile when I left; he was cute and ginger!)

Here are a few pictures of my visit. I didn't take many and I apologise for the poor quality but I hate the camera on my new phone.

Even their weighing scales have vintage style!

The most beautiful buidling I have ever seen

Shoddy photo but purely for Mr. Maddock

Mother and Daughter

Father and Daughter

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