Monday, 7 March 2011

Ro! Bento

When I attempt to make my own sushi it gets it's own special name. I name thee Ro!Sushi. Get it? Yo!Sushi? Anyway I think it's because I don't really follow proper Japanese recipes as I get a bit carried away with the artistic liscence so I decided it had to have a different name to point out that it's purely my own version of sushi. This name I have also extended to Bento.

If you don't know what Bento is prepare to have your mind blown! I know mine was.

Bento is a little Japanese lunch box and it has many variations all beauitful in their own way. None more so though than the intricately crafted Kyaraben where parents painstakingly craft their child's lunch in the likeness of their favourite anime or game characters.

I remember when I first discovered Bento while on holiday in France; I was reading a copy of Neo Anime magazine when I came across an article all about Bento. I refused to put it down there after and read it so often that I knew it by heart. Ever after I was obsessed with Bento. I love vintage and old things but I also love Japan and bright plastic new things; oh yes including that loveable little cat Hello Kitty. I feel they are two very opposite tastes but I love them anyway.

The best website I have found for Bento is because it contains beautiful, vibrant images and great recipes which give me loads of inspiration.

This is my very own Ro! Bento. It contains baked sweet potato stars and normal potato hearts on some lettuce with Greek salad on the side. I call it Ro! Bento because the food is all western but I like to do it with a Bento flair. I've picked up my Bento cook book from the parental's household so hopefully soon I can show you some proper Bento's.

Doesn't it just make a dull office lunch that little bit more fun?!
Nom nom! I love food!

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