Sunday, 20 March 2011

Lazy Sunday

Well first things first I have fixed my laptop! After consulting our IT guy at work, who said it sounds like it's the memory and will cost £30 for a new one, I decided to follow Elaine's sage advice of plugging it in. And Robert's your Father's brother it worked! I told my boss about it and she asked me how I live my life and have managed to get to the ripe old age of 23, it was a good ol' giggle but I was terribly shy around the IT guy that day.

Anywho! Yesterday while poking about the blogs I saw a lady in a headscarf and I realised I don't wear mine nearly enough anymore. About 6 months ago I proclaimed the headscarf to be fashion and I think they're getting there which I'm glad about because it means lots more lovely things for me to purchase on the highstreet. Today I wore my favourite scarf which was given to me by the Jesse Belle with a casual get up of jeans with turn ups, mink jumper and black pumps (I am dreaming of pony skin pumps - I'm such a terrible vegetarian!). I hate this time of the month because of my roots making my parting look huge; hair is dyed on the last weekend of the month.

'Cuse the messy bed but it's laundry day, alright?

Well today was lazy because I flopped around in bed till 9.30am which to me, these days, is a total lie in. Then I got up, had boiled eggys, phoned Mum, phoned Jesse Belle, did my laundry, washed up the dishes, received a few calls from an American, and then hopped in the moter to go to Mum and Dad's for food and rabbits. Boy, oh boy, have those babies grown and they are big enough now for cuddles and photos. Poor things! Dad's a big softy and has given them names already and decided on their gender. He does this by looking at their faces and deciding which have "kind eyes". It's no better than my method though which is wait till they grown a pair. God love him!

Apple of my eye though is still Phillip or Felipe Massa when I'm feeling silly, which as it happens is most of my life. Ha!

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