Friday, 11 February 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes!

Yesterday I felt so ugly when I tried to take some photos of my new tops that I hopped straight in the shower (apres bloggy of course) and set about making today a good hair day. Only not just hair, all over. A good all over day.

New hair products? Check.
From yetti to Betty? Check.
Curlers in? Check, check, check!!

And I got some nice compliments today too, which I wasn't expecting. Not since the day I curled my hair, marched triuphantly into work and the very first thing said to me? "I can see you're having a bad hair day so I'll leave you alone." I was told that my hair was nice, girly and made my face look slimmer (with a quick "not that it needs to" slapped on the end).

So without further ado I give you my Good All Over Day!

My hair went a little squiffy in the photo because I shoved my glasses on top of my head. I was really please with how I looked and felt kind of late fifties/Marilyn Monroe. But here's the gag! Everything is highstreet and cheap highstreet at that. The shoes being Primark £4, skirt I bought yonks ago New Look £15 and jumper..... Tesco £8. You heard me! Tesco. Yeah the place I buy my food and loo roll from.

You can see the cute detail of on the jumper here and it's in such a nice dusky peachy pink. The necklace is of a reindeer and I bought it for 4euro in Dublin from Forever21. (I had to leave the shop because it was all too beautiful. I got a headache because I stopped breathing for some time.)

Tonight, as well as taking vain amounts of photos of myself, I went to a thing called a Hafla. It was a belly dancing show and raised money for breast cancer. I got changed out of my lovely outfit and popped in my new headscarf which was a gift from Miss Becca (more on that next blog). I was also tres happy with this look. I call this my Amelie look because it kind of, sort of, if I'm being really vain, looks like her? Maybe? If you squint.

Anywho. I'm off to Bedfordshire now as I have a busy day tomorrow of Savings Account Shopping. Yes, stimulating.

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