Monday, 7 February 2011

Big Thank You!

So my birthday was not last weekend but the weekend before. And I thought I had received all of my presents. My parents paid towards my trip to Dublin and also got me some Euro and  my friends got me some charms for my Love Links bracelet (the worry skull and a green bead to represent Ireland). So imagine my joy when a parcel arrived in the post for me today!
The contents of my Becca parcel

It was from the lovely Miss Becca and was a box of lovely curios. The top of the box was decorated in beautiful green and gold paper with a picture of a maypie; you can see it above. Magpies are my favourite birds and I would love to have a tattoo of one. Or two, actually, because I want them to represent joy like in the rhyme. I always salute magpies whenever I see them and I am very supersitious of them. If I see just one I spend ages looking around for another one so that I don't have sorrow. With all I have been through I have found it is important to hold on to the joy in your life, without it we are not human.

Can you see them?

Inside the box was a smaller box still and it contained a lovely pair of earings. Magpie earings made by Tatty Devine. Now I can have a pair of magpies with me whenever I wear them! Oh joy!

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