Monday, 21 February 2011

Short Interlude

I had hoped after the blackout that was the week of insane work I would be here today to welcome you back. But no, fate is against us, as I forgot to bring my memory stick home with the pictures on I had scanned specifically for this post. So this is but a short interlude, after which the blackout will return (at least untill I remember my memory stick!)

I thought instead I'd share with you a secret of mine. It's a heavy burden on my heart to hold such love for one man....

I know what you're thinking, "that's enough of the 'Am Dram' missey". But it's not the fact that I totally love Doctor Who that's the secret. I've been a dork and a geek for far too many years to be worried about that. It's the effect Dr Who has on me; yes, you heard correct. I can roar like a baby at this show and it's just plain embarrassing. Journey's End is the one which set the water works off lately and is the one episode I cry at the most; closely followed by Bad Wolf Bay. I am not lying when I say for a good 20 minutes I was sat on the sofa with tears steaming down my hot little cheeks and wailing things like "he loves her, he really loves her!" and "I'm going to miss you Dr Donna, inside you was the one who died".

It's ok to laugh at me, I know I'm not normal.

One thing the floppy haired one hasn't been able to do yet is make me cry; don't get me wrong though I love Matt Smith but he's so opposite to David Tennant's Doctor. I'm going to get really flowery here but David Tennant's Doctor was turbulent and conflicted. Like there was violence in him and it took all of his will to suppress it. And there was love in there too but he can't show it, like the emotions did.not.compute. I think it's written on their faces too; David Tennant angular lines and sharp features couldn't be more different to Matt Smith's softer, chinny handsomeness.

They both make me go phoar though! And deep down, that's all that counts.

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