Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Time For Tea

Hi kids!

Just a quick note to draw your attention to this:

It's a competition to win some proper dandy tea based goodies. Yorkshire Tea goodies at that!
Taylors of Harrogate are, hands down, my favourite tea suppliers. I prefer to drink the loose leaf and am currently supping a china black with roses although Yorkshire Tea is my go-to-guy when I want a good ol' fashioned brew. I think one of the main things I enjoy about tea is the ritual of it, that and the flavour, are what draws me to loose leaf. They have a heart too and it good to know that they are Rainforest Alliance Certified. On a visit to Whitby last year I was delighted to find that all of the tea rooms sold Yorkshire Tea - bit daft of me really considering where I was.

I love Yorkshire! Now off to find me a reet rugged Yorkshire Man... Oh Sean Bean! Where are yooooou?!

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