Monday, 14 February 2011

The Museum Of Lincolnsire Life

So you know I said I was going savings account shopping?.... Well I didn't quite make it. I got sidetracked on a gander down the lane of childhod memories. There was twinkley bells and swirls of mist and everything!

I don't usually go into town anymore, or indeed anywhere on my own, it's not that I'm scared but you just don't really do it. On my way towards the Bailgate I got a sudden urge to turn off and head to Burton Road and in particular the Museum of Lincolnshire Life. Growing up in Lincoln I had, of course, my fair share of school trips to this local museum but I don't think that's where my childhood memory comes from. When we were little Mum always says we didn't have much money, not that I ever noticed, and being free to enter the museum was always a god way to spend a Saturday. I'm so happy that the museum is free once again and I hope to make more visits just to support it.

Back on to my nostalgia trip though. One of the facourite stories from when we were kids was the time I climbed under the velvet rope and into the Victorian nursery. I happily played with the toys while Mum tried to urge me out of there without drawing attention to the situation. They've put that display behind glass now, can't think why.
Free toys!
I thought I'd seen all of the displays ten times over but I was wrong. I'm not sure when they added it but now you can dress up as people from different eras and look at yourself in the mirror. I loved it! I also had to fight the urge not to stand there, on my own, and shout "ooof suits you sir, suits you!". I refrained though, just.

Suits you, 1950's chap
Definitly suits me, 1940's housewife

 I also very much enjoy looking at the shop displays, in particular the clothes shop. 

I am not a racist
Do want

The part which I am most proud of, as a yellow belly born and bred, is the display showing a tank. Lincoln provided a huge contribution to the war effort and was in fact the birthplace of the tank. If tanks do in fact birth, which I imagine to be nicer then an episode of One Born Every Minute, but that's by the by. The tank in the photograph is called Flirt and it's a female tank. The tank's gender depends on how many guns it has; the female has four machine guns, the male two machine guns and two 6-pounder guns (canons). The female of the species is more deadlier than the male, obviously.

To finish the day off I got chips and curry sauce from the sign of the fish where me and Dad used to go when I was little. I ate them and read my Saturday Gaurdian. Loverly jubberly! Best day ever.

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