Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Reasons To Be Happy

After being in a "media blackout" whilest in Dublin I didn't get my usual Saturday paper so I am only just getting around to commenting on something I read in the previous Saturday's Gaurdian. It was a small article by Ben Goldacre called Bad Science: Feeling Low? Don't Blame It On Blue Monday.

Basically, according to old Benny Boy, the statistically most depressing day of the year dubbed "Blue Monday" is totally untrue and was dreamt up by Sky Travel to urge you to buy a holiday. I have to say I agree totally with everything he says. Not only because he seems to have actually looked into this in more depth than I ever have ("30 studies over 130 years") but also because from my own experience Blue Monday is certainly never as shit as the first day back to work after Christmas. Urrgh! I hate going back after any time off but after the Christmas holidays it just seems fifty times worse.

I also liked the line "communicating on mental health issues - like anything interesting - requires that you challenge stigma and assumptions, not reinforce them." Here, here! As you may be aware I love waffleing about mental health, it is my job after all!

I find Blue Monday being tosh a reason to be happy; because I do enjoy being right.

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