Saturday, 12 February 2011

It's Still A Good Day.

I'm having a good All Over Day all over again today which makes it two in a row. Well now that's a record!
As promised I'm here to tell you about the parcel I received from the lovely Miss Becca.

It arrived on Friday at the same time as my new phone so I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, I can tell you! I had been expecting it as she sent me a text to forwarn me, but I was not prepared for how amazing it was going to be.

Miss Becca knows me so well!
At first I opened the brown packing paper and my heart took a little dip as I read those awful words "Fit Flops". Uh oh! Fitness wear. And then I laughed out loud as I read a post-it note stuck to the top of the box.

I was thilled to find no fitness wear inside what so ever, just pretty tea towels and chocolate! Mmm chocolate. The card was sweet also as I really love elephants (note to self: saw a stunning pendant with an elephant on in John Greed today which I must own come next payday).
Surely the best things to find in a Fit Flop box.
The best part, however, was this stunning little mirror which I have hung up with my bunting. It's like a little window; just too cute.
A finch and some cherry blossom
 It reminds me of the spring time which as it happens feels like it is right upon us now as the weather is definitly getting warmer.

Over to the second part and that's a quick word about today. I have had the best day ever pootleing all over town. In fact it was so good I'm going to do a separate post all special like but I also wanted to show you what I wore today.

Signiture pose
Reet lady-like
With a capital Hmm Yeah?
It's my other new top from Tesco. I feel the skirt let the outfit down as it's a bit short and hidden beneath the bottom of my cardigan is a panel of skulls and flowers - for my more rockabilly days. I also took a close up of the cardigan because, like yesterday's jumper, it has really cute detailing. I took one of my coat because I just love it.

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