Monday, 19 March 2012

Land Girls on BBC One

Connie Carter
I have only recently found a series on BBC 1 called Land Girls and I absolutely love it! I'm a bit of a Johnny-come-lately as they are already on the third series and I've only just found it but luckily I caught it from the beginning of this series thanks to Iplayer. Last week I watched it online while in a bubble bath - it was perhaps the best bath of my life.

The BBC website ( describes the programme as "Drama following the lives and loves of four girls away from home, doing their bit for Britain in the Women's Land Army." It doesn't appear to be a big budget production but there's something about it which really appeals to me; maybe it's the ordinariness of it all and that I actually feel this may be what it would have been like as a Land Girl. I love the scenery and costume too, oh of course the costume!

Joyce Fisher

The ladies face some real trials as they take on the task of working the land and it's not always the farm which provides this for them. There's some juicy relationships and love interests too, despite men being few and far between they've still managed to wangle that ol' chestnut in there and good job too I say. I love a bit of good old fashioned romance these days since I'm just a soppy bugger at heart. So far there's a dodgy love interest for Connie as someone from her past comes back and she's none too pleased to see him and another of the ladies appears to be "in the family way". It's not just the Land Girls either as something definitely is brewing between Lady Ellen Hoxley and Doctor Richard Channing.

Iris Dawson
The most interesting relationship I find though is between Iris and Frank Tucker who is an older gentleman working on the farm. I don't believe it is a romantic relationship but more platonic or paternal as he is helping Iris learn to read. He has a gruff, agressive element as he defends his brother but genuinely seems to care about Iris and wants to help her with her literacy. He even helped her beat the boys at a ploughing competetion the other week!

And here is my own Land Girls look posing on my parent's wooden gate, I've worn this outfit loads before but it's something I really love to wear at the weekends. Also I'm wearing my new loafers, loafers! My mum picked them up for me from a well known supermarket giant (Tesco) and I love them, they have bows on them.

Anyway I hope you give Land Girls a look out on BBC Iplayer or watch it when it's on the tube next Sunday at 5.45pm BBC one. 


Jessica said...

I would point out that watching things on your laptop while in the bath isn't the best idea, but last week's tweets suggest that is a lesson already learned!

Also, I recall a certain amount of cynicism displayed when I wanted a pair of loafers (which I'm totally going to buy as soon as I actually have some money).


Miss Rosie Beau said...

These loafers are nice because they have bows on and Topshop doesn't say they're cool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your comments about the series. We had great fun researching and writing it, and appreciative comments are always good to see. Hope you enjoy the rest of the third series - lots of intrigue, drama and fashions to come! Regards Roland Moore

Miss Rosie Beau said...

Hi Roland.
Thanks so much for your comment, I'm very flattered. I can't believe I've only just found out about Land Girls and I'm really looking forward to reading your horror story in the Steampunk anthology. As I live in Lincoln I go to the Lincon Steampunk Festival every year.
I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions via email as a short interview for my blog?
Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sure. Do you want to DM on Twitter (rolandmooretv) and I'll send you my email address. Happy to help if I can. Hope you like the steampunk anthology too. Regards Roland