Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Midweek Mexican!

I've just been out to celebrate a work friend's birthday at Chimmichanga's (mmm Mexican food!) but before I went out I was so happy with my outfit I got my housemate to take a few snaps for me. Luckily for me she's better with a camera than I am!

My outfit is not terribly exciting since it's something I've worn quite often but I was just having one of those moments when I felt really happy with the way I looked. That probably sounds really vain but I don't get them often so I felt the need to document it quickly and show the world!

I think the key to my new found confidence was my hair. I had it cut and the weekend and was really worried all of the magic had been cut out of it as since then it had gone back to its old curl resisting ways. But then today it all just seemed to go right. These are the same curls I put in my hair this morning and I'm chuffed to bits with how well they have lasted. I think maybe it was something to do with the products they used at the hair dressers and now they've all washed out, maybe.

Top: Ego (second hand but originally Topshop)
Skirt: Matalan
Tights: M&S
Shoes: Miss L Fire


Jessica said...

You look lovely in these pics! Hope you had fun at your meal.


Jacqui said...

You do look really nice in these pictures. And I just love love those shoes!!!!!!!