Sunday, 18 March 2012

Lapin Trois

Once upon a time I had two rabbits, like rabbits do, they bred. Now I have five rabbits, or more precisely my dad has five rabbits as I live in a house share and my landlady doesn't allow pets. I thought I'd share some pictures of them with you because I love them so much. Nawww!

Barney also gets called big fatty as he was from a little of two so he grew up bigger and stronger. His dad is a silver fox so he has grown up with similar markings to a silver fox but in a brown colour.

This is Phil the silver fox so named after Phillip Schofield who is the ultimate silver fox. He's Barney's dad and my favourite bunny (I don't lie about these things, I have favourites). He generally wiggles when held for everyone but me because he loves me, I know it. Also everyone seems to think he's a bit crazy and like Begby from Trainspotting just because he got into one little fight.

And finally Shorty, imaginatively named because he has shorter hair than the rest. I'm scared of Shorty because he bit my dad once but it was because he could smell Phil on him and Shorty and Phil have a rivalry thing going on. You can still see the bite marks on the top of Shorty's ear.

Only got good pictures of the three of them but we also have Nibbles and Chewy, I'll hopefully get some more soon. Anyway I hope you like my bunnies!

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Jessica said...

Philip has the cold eyes of a killer