Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Remembering Sunnier Days

Hello, hi! It's been a while and I apologise for such an absence. I have been off poorly for nearly a month and as such haven't felt terribly motivated to do any blogging; even though my doctor did advise me to "do something which gives you enjoyment everyday" and even though I do enjoy blogging I didn't feel much like sitting in front of a computer screen. My experience has given me a little shine of inspiration though and I do hope to be revealing more on that for you very soon.

In the meantime I thought I might share some pictures of an outfit worn a while ago when we had something of little heat wave. The sun shone so brightly I felt warm enough to wear a circle skirt even though it was only March. Now its April showers all day, every day, and I find pleasure in remembering sunnier days.

It's all very patriotic colours in this outfit, I think I've found what to wear to the Jubilee celebrations (or Jubilympics as me and the fella call it).

I'm in the middle of getting up here but I thought it was a good one to show off my bouff. I like doing a large pin-curl and pulling it forward a little to make a sort of fake side swept fringe. I think the curl adds fun detail too!

Sorting out my curls post lie down, it's a busy life and one needs one's rest!

And my old favourite don't-know-what-to-do-swing-on-a-lamp-post.

I hope these sunny pictures don't make you sad remembering what we had because I'm sure the weather will pick up again this summer. And even if it doesn't I'm off to Cyprus anyway ha ha!

Skirt: Ebay (was sold as 1950's but I have a suspicion it's actually 70's)
Top: Oxfam (sadly I think I shrunk it in the wash!)
Shoes: H&M
Belt: Asda George
Beautiful, faithful handbag which goes with pretty much everything: birthday gift from the lovely Miss Becca
1950's Sunglasses: Tasty Vintage, Lincoln
Orchid hair flowers: Accessorize

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