Friday, 27 April 2012

Vintage Lincoln - La Vida Vintage

Welcome to my new feature, Vintage Lincoln! I got the idea for doing this since I noticed there were a lot of very good vintage shops, fairs and events in and around the area of my hometown, Lincoln. I often think of Lincoln, in the nicest possible way, as being something of a back water and a little out of step with the rest of the country. Geographically it's the largest county in the country and settlements are quite spread out in comparison to the rest of England. Transport wise I find a car essential as public transport around this great county is difficult at the best of times. Due to these factors I have often thought of this area, and the city of Lincoln, as being a little out of step and not as quick to move with the times as other areas and cities. However, when it comes to the vintage trend I find this ever growing university city is really ahead of itself and I love it!

So here you have it folks, my little attempt to catalogue all of the vintage delights this wonderful, historic city has to offer. Enjoy!

First stop on my vintage adventure is La Vida Vintage which is a shop as well as a cafe. Vintage and cake? Well how can a girl resist! Me and the fella went a long around a month ago as I had been talking about going for quite some time since I see this little gem every day as I drive to and from work and it has been open since December 2011.

First off let's talk cake. As La Vida Vintage is located down Monks Road it is a slight walk from the centre of town but on a sunny day, like the day we went, it's pleasant, easy to get too (Monks Road is just one long, straight road) and has the Arboretum half way down to explore and stop for a rest at.

After the walk a home made cake and cool drink was very welcome but they also serve coffees and speciality teas for the cooler days. My cake was ginger and the fella went for a lime and coconut, I just love the little cherry on top!

All finished up and it's time to get down to business, vintage business! But what's that I spy in the background? A vintage picnic set! Don't toy with me by showing me such beautiful baubles which are out of my grasp.

But it's not out of reach at all because everything you see around you is for sale from the vintage tea sets to even the chairs you sit on. I think I need this picnic set for the summer and when we go camping. A side not here folks I'm crazy and have this strange dream to one day go camping fully vintage. Mad, I know!

Having such lovely items surround you as you enjoy your refreshments is a wonderful experience and gives you time to sit and really appreciate each item. It also makes you want to buy more, hooray!

The staff here are so friendly and I sat down to have a chat with Rachel, the owner of La Vida Vintage. I really enjoy meeting people who are also interested in vintage and Rachel's love of vintage housewares really shows through as you talk to her about her shop. Rachel told me about how to begin with she had planned to sell only vintage housewares but has also branched out to selling clothing too. Her stock ranges from the 1950's to the 1980's although the 50's would have to be her favourite decade and she recently bought herself a pair of saddle shoes so is also getting into the fashions of the decade a little too.

As a self confessed hoarder Rachel is sometimes sad to see her vintage items go off to new homes however it does mean she's able to go out and buy more. She gathers her stock from a selection of sources so you can be sure everything is carefully chosen (I don't think it would be fair to reveal where from though, spoilers!)

So there we have it, La Vida Vintage and the first of many in my Vintage Lincoln series. I really hope you've enjoyed this post and any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

La Vida Vintage is located at 108 Monks Road, Lincoln, LN2 5PG or you can find them on the Facebook by searching "La Vida Vintage". Do also keep an eye out for Rachel and her La Vida Vintage stall at local vintage markets!

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