Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Playing The Lady

One of the things which has contributed to my lack of blogging in the past months is my current involvement in the world of amateur dramatics. I have done some acting in the past but it was around 9 years ago and I was about 16 years old so I'm not totally sure it counts. I played a lady called Agnes Nitt in a production of Terry Pratchett's Carpe Juggulum and was thoroughly self conscious the whole way throughout mainly I think due to my age. About a year ago though I suddenly had an urge to get back on stage again. I had this insane urge to everything all at once and really piled my plate high with responsibilities. Over time these things have come to an end and my role in the play Carry On Jeeves was the last of those. I didn't have time to feel at a loose end though as I have jumped both feet first into my next performance.

I found it really stressful being in a play but I believe that was mainly down to the fact that I like to catastrophise all situations and I really got it into my head that I was going to ruin the whole thing. I didn't though; I didn't really have a big enough part to be able to ruin the whole play. I'm sure you all know about Jeeves and Wooster as it's very well known so I won't bore you with all of the back ground. I played the part of Lady Florence Cray who was the love interest of the leading man, Bertie Wooster. I not only had to pretend to be posh I also had to pretend to be a really nasty and shouty person; really quite the opposite of how I actually am. I don't know, all this acting lark!

Anyway here's just a few photos from backstage which was an absolute riot, if a very quiet one.



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