Sunday, 24 March 2013

Burghley Park in the Snow

I'm sure it hasn't escaped your knowledge (at least those of you in England) but it was very snowy this weekend all over the country. I was down visiting my boyfriend in Stamford; he usually comes up to Lincoln but he had a night out with his colleagues and I was invited. We didn't let the snow stop us from enjoying some beautiful scenery though. Here are some of our pictures from today.


On the way back to the car though the wind had picked up and I got ear ache so was less than happy. To cheer me up Indi took me to one of my favourite places when I'm down there; the OK Diner. Ok, so it's a diner by the side of the A1 but it has a 1950's theme, plays awesome music including Buddy Holly, and also serves the best Root Beer Floats. Mmmm root beer!
They have this weird Uncle Sam handshake thing which I like to play with while we are waiting to be seated. This time I was "wicked" and Indi was "hot stuff"; pretty accurate I'd say!

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