Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bizarre Bazaar

Sitting here in the heat and sunshine it's hard to believe that 10 days ago I was walking around Lincoln in a coat bemoaning how cold I was. I had made a special effort to go into town that Saturday as the second Bizarre Bazaar was being held in town and I didn't want to miss this opportunity to share this new vintage market with you all.

I had been to the last one and enjoyed it a lot so thought I would report to you all what I found this time around. There's a great selection of stalls offering vintage, retro, handmade and craft items so there a real mixture of what you can find here and hopefully there's something for everyone.

Before we went to the market though we needed to stop off for breakfast and in Lincoln if you want a good old fashioned Full English there's only one place you should head to.

Modern Classics does the best breakfast around and the interior is so quirky and eclectic you never get bored or run out of things to look at. I had the Vegetarian Full English, of course. After that I was ready to face the cold, crummy British weather.

Amanda Dow's stall is packed full of trinkets and charms which make me oooh and ahhh an awful lot; she also makes the coolest jewellery. Amanda is a great lady to chat to and really friendly, she also has a stall at the Kind Bar Vintage Market.

Next door to Amanda was Chirpy Crafts and even on the greyest day this little gem was so colourful and bright; just what you need to cheer you up a bit. Laura hand makes all of her crafts and accessories, my favourites were the tea towels but I may be biased since I'm currently embroidering some of my own.

Alice's stall, Dancing Giraffe, has caught my eye before and something I could barely resist was that parasol! She's also my favourite for recommending the next stall to me, this lady knows her cake.

For obvious reasons Vintage Vegan was the stall I spent the most amount of my time at. All of the cakes are homemade and totally vegan friendly. The most interesting aspect though is that none of these cakes contain soy or soy products and are made using some of the more old fashioned vegan recipes. Some people who aren't vegan or vegetarian can be a little put off by some of the meat free products out there but let me tell you these cakes are the best no matter what your dietary choices may be. I had the lemon and poppy seed pudding cake, mmm delish!

Finally we have Third Sequin which is based more around handmade textile and has some really interesting designs. I bought myself one of those peach coloured bags you can see which are sewing kits. Inside I have everything I need to make a cute 1960s skirt including instructions; you can even go on their facebook and ask questions if you get stuck so it's really perfect for a novice seamstress like myself.

There were a lot more stalls to be found however it would be a very long post if I included them all and I wanted to just give a feel of what's on offer. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend next months market as I'm off to the hairdressers with my mum but I hope to be along to another one as soon as I can make it!

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Lady cherry said...

The flyers look lovely. I wish I had a little cake stall...I really must make time to be more creative and business like! x