Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Beside The Seaside

A fortnight ago when I realised that we would be having a weekend without some planned event or engagement I asked my boyfriend what he would like to do. He said quite surely that he wanted to go to the seaside. I wasn't so sure, it's been so cold and raining so heavily that I thought it wouldn't be possible to make it to the beach. For the week before I checked the weather forecast every day waiting for the weekend forecast to be updated, and what do you know it was a glorious weekend!

So we packed up the picnic hamper and headed out to an old childhood favourite of mine, Chapel Six Marshes. There really is nothing here apart from a beach, car park and toilets but I think that's why I like it, you have all the essentials and nothing more.

The picture make it look so sunny, which it was, but it was also windy and quite cold so I stole Indi's jumper to keep me warm. My ankles were a little chilly still as I was wearing my gingham capri pants on their first ever outing!

After we ate lunch we played in the sea a tiny bit and then wrote our names in the sand, as you do. Serious poses were needed for this.

After this we were at a loss for what else to do so we headed over the dune to the car to put the picnic basket away. As we got over the crest of the dune there was a beep beep and my parents honked their horn as they pulled into the car park. What perfect timing!

We agreed to stop at a cafe for a cup of tea and then head on to Gibraltar Point which was only a little way north. It's a nature reserve and that's where I took these pictures of the most amazing old anchors which looks as if they are growing out of the ground. I'm really proud of these pictures!

After that we headed off home but on the way through Skegness we stopped off just for a quick look around and I was so glad we did, I bought a cute little Laura Ashley top from British Heart Foundation.

Did everyone else enjoy the sunshine this weekend?


Jacqui said...

Nothing like a nice relaxing day a the beach! Just love the picnic hamper you have there. Looks like you have a lovely time, and it was great that you met up with your parents there as well!

Miss Rosie Beau said...

Hi Jacqui, thanks for the comment.
We did have a lovely time but it was quite chilly! It was great to see my parents there, we do quite a lot together which is nice.