Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tea Time is Sister Time

Another little post to show you the outfit I wore while my sister was back in the Shire for our Mum's graduation. She came over to Lincoln and I took her to all the best places for a nice cuppa. I know where to go for a reasonably priced brew since I have have an issue with paying over the odds for hot water and a teabag. Proper brewed tea in china is a different kettle of... tea though. I also like going to the more independant cafes around town.
First stop was the Museum of Lincolnshire Life where we got a pot of tea for 80p. Yes, you heard! I love the museum and have blogged about it in the past here.
We went shopping a bit and then headed over to the Drill Hall which is a great venue and theatre which has a bar with yet again reasonable tea prices! We had a cuppa and cake, which was homemade banana cake with vanilla frosting, for £2.50 each. You can't get better than that in your over priced high street coffee shop company. I have visited the Drill Hall a number of times for performances (some free!) and events I have attended through work and I can't stop singing their praises. 
Since I tend be a bit more noticeable in what I wear than some people I have always felt kind of at home in places like these. I think it's partly to do with the surroundings and mainly to do with the friendly, welcoming staff.


Jess said...

Sister time is the best time xx

Lizzy Lips said...

80p bargain! I too begrudge paying over the odds for hot water and a tea bag, especially when you know they're giving you sh*tty Tetley.

Miss Rosie Beau said...

Oh yeah! Or PG tits. They must make so much money on a mark up like that. Maybe I'm in the wrong business!