Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lake Ullswater

Last weekend I went on a lovely birthday trip to Ullswater in the Lake District where I stayed at The Inn on the Lake with my boyfriend. I booked it on a deal as they had dropped their prices since they were doing renovation work at the hotel. This work didn't interfere with our stay in the slightest and we had a really great time enjoying the comfortable hotel, fantastic food and down right stunning views.
While we were there a really friendly member of staff in an outdoor clothing shop (http://www.catstycam.com/blog/) told us how there it rains on average for 211 days of the year. While we were staying there though it didn't rain a drop and on our last day it was even positively balmy with beautiful sunshine. He asked us how far we were walking today, "just a stroll before we go home" we said. Four hours later we got back to the car but it was just too lovely to turn around and go home.
I'm going to stop the waffle now and post some of our pictures but I will apologise now if it's too picture heavy.
The sun setting as we approached the lake.
The Inn on the Lake
Lunging into action
All dressed up for dinner in my new dress from Pin Up Parade
Ghostly lady
The view from the Hotel grounds
Hotel grounds jetty (going to get this one printed for my dad)
A nice one for my mum :)
It was like being in another country, Middle Earth's another country right?
Glorious sunshine
Babe loves sheep.

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Jess said...

It looks beautiful, and you were lucky with the lovely weather! xx