Saturday, 15 February 2014

Vintage Lincoln - Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

As mentioned in my last post I went to the Engine Shed in Lincoln today for the Vintage Fair which was organised by Judy's Affordable Vintage Fairs. We had a very nice time, did far too much shopping, and drank tea. I must admit I was a little sceptical as to how much I would find as 40's and 50's vintage can be hard to come by. I was, however, pleasantly surprised and did plenty of shopping!

I had been feeling like dressing 1940s and couldn't wait to dress up in my new suit which I bought last weekend; I got a few compliments which were very lovely. You can see on my lapel is one of my purchases from today which is a very sweet brooch. While at the fair I also bought a lovely dress which is hand made but I fancy the cut is very 1940s. It's quite silky so I will have to wait for the summer before I can wear it; it's far too chilly out there! My final purchase was a 1930s style peasant blouse for only £8. I have been looking for a peasant blouse for ages but couldn't find one I liked so I am extremely pleased with this little bargain!

After we had been around the fair and seen all there was to see we headed into town to have a look around some of the vintage shops. I found a very nice 1950s vanity set which appears unused in Mr Bojangles. I can't wait to go away somewhere so I can fill it up with all of my lotions and potions. Unfortunately we didn't make it to see Relentless play as I got the date wrong and they played yesterday. I was so disappointed but playing with all of my new purchases made it easier to cope with.


Kate said...

Great finds!

Miss Rosie Beau said...

Thanks! It's so much fun having a good rummage and coming upon some gems!

Jessica Cangiano said...

That suit is smashing! I love the classic lines and endlessly versatile shade of grey. Hand on my heart, I was just thinking last night about how I really need a good medium or dark grey suit (and a brown one - I've been yearning for a brown suit for years now), and seeing yours makes me want to find one this year all the more.

Big hugs & many thanks for your lovely comment on yesterday's Italian honeymoon post,

♥ Jessica

Miss Rosie Beau said...

Thanks for the comment Jessica. Up close the weave of the suiting has grey, cream, and dusky lavender treads to it so the over all affect is a lovely soft grey colour. It's so worth it and I can think of so many outfits I can create with it. No wonder the suit was such a staple in lady's wardrobes back on the 40's!

Joanna said...

I don't think it is possible to find anything vintage for 8 pounds near where I live. What a fun adventure! I bet you wish you could go every weekend:)

Miss Rosie Beau said...

I don't know if the blouse is actually 1930s or a bit more modern, like 1970s, but for £8 I wasn't going to argue! It's true Joanna, I wish there was a vintage fair on every week but in Lincoln we have a couple of very good vintage shops so I have access to lots of shopping opportunities!
Rowena x