Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hurrah for Procrastination!

Life has been quite a whirlwind lately and things have been really taking off for us. The biggest news I have to tell you is that my boyfriend and I have found a place and will be moving in to a little house together at the end of the month. I'm so excited to move for a number of reasons but mainly because we've been together for three years now and I can't wait to live with him. I've been busy for a fair few months and only blogging as and when something has really compelled me to. However, I have another thing on my side to motivate me to do more blogging soon. Procrastination! On top of moving house, working full time, and my other commitments I have also recently started an Open University Course. This isn't a degree and only runs till September so I should be finished in time for Pickering War Weekend but it's still quite intense.

Any way I have planned my time so that I hopefully don't have to study at the weekend and hey! moving house can wait while there's serious vintage things to do such as shopping and nights out. This weekend we are planning on going to a Vintage Fair on Saturday at the Engine Shed. It's open from 10am till 4pm so plenty of time to mosey on down and only costs £2 to enter. Now I don't always find very much to buy at events and fairs
because my perception and retailers perception of what is affordable can sometimes be a little different. Our perceptions of what is vintage or not can also be a little out of whack but we won't go there! I still enjoy attending events for the atmosphere and also just in case I miss out on a bargain or something totally irresistible. People often ask me where I do most of my shopping and it's a mix of fairs, wartime events, vintage shops and online. Last weekend I got some amazing bargains in the Sue Ryder charity shop over in Peterborough and have no doubt I'll be showing off some of what I snagged over this coming weekend. I have an urge to go 40's!

Remember summer time? No me either!
Saturday evening I'll be having a bit of a costume change and we will be heading out to the Rock Haven bar in town to catch one of our favourite local rockabilly bands Relentless. They often play around town and occasionally can be seen outside Binns (that's House of Fraser to most folk). We love seeing these guys in town, particularly in summer when you can sit outside in the cool breeze, watch some fantastic live music for free and, my favourite part of this ritual, snaffle down an ice cool strawberry milkshake. Alas! It is winter and in case you don't know it there's weather going on out there. So I'll most likely be wearing something that's as sensible as I can manage like my Freddies of Pinewood jeans.

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