Friday, 15 June 2012

You Know What's Happened, Don't You

A year ago this weekend a certain chap came over to Lincoln to visit me as a single fella and left as my boyfriend. We tried to keep it on the down low for quite a few months, which I think actually added to the fun of it, and we didn't actually go official until September. Although we have decided that our anniversary should actually be on the date that line between friendship and relationship blurred beyond all recognition, our first kiss.

So it's a short little post, and please looks away if you don't do saccharine sweetness, but Indi thank you for a wonderful year.

I love you. I love your wide eyes, the way you smile, your shyness, and the way you laugh at my jokes. 


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Incendiary Blonde said...

Soooo sweet! Here's to many more happy years! :) xxx