Friday, 15 June 2012

Shhh! It's A Speakeasy

Shhh! It's A Speakeasy took place on the 3rd June 2012 and, as far as I know, was Lincoln's first vintage and burlesque nights. I was, of course, first in line for it and remember when I found out it was going on I was literally so excited. The whole thing lived up to all my hopes.

During the day there were some vintage stalls for shopping, I bought two pairs of gloves, a blouse and a present for my sister. I spent a good long time chatting with Rachel from La Vida Vintage and with a great mass of vintage gloves sat right next to me as we talked I couldn't help but walk away with two new pairs. 

The whole event was made possible by the lovely Natasha, with me above, who organised the whole thing single handedly. Hat's off to a lady who makes things happen. Our boyfriends also had a nice chat about what it's like to have driven, vintage girlfriends which I thought was really sweet and it got me thinking about how patient mine is. It's a hard life being with a vintage girl; the time we spend on our hair and the force field of hair spray around it (he says that the smell of hairspray reminds him of me!), the constant questions of how's my hair and are my seams straight, and not to mention putting up with lipstick marks on most items of clothing.

During the day there was some fantastic blues from the Blue Tongue Preacher and Jez on guitar; who against the Trade Description Act actually has a pink tongue like the rest of us. That evening there were burlesque performances from Loretta Lace, Foxie La Roque and Rose Desire and in between performances the atmosphere was kept up by a fantastic selection of tracks DJ'd for us by 52nd Jump Street, they even showed us a few moves on the dance floor.

Phew, what an event! Natasha will be planning more events like this soon and I will, if course, be blogging all about it.

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