Friday, 1 August 2014

Festival of the Forties 2014

Hello dear readers! Last weekend we went over to the Festival of the Forties since we attended last year and enjoyed it so much that we felt we should go back for more. Just like last year the festival did not disappoint and the weather was similarly glorious too. We enjoy the Festival of the Forties because it has a wonderful balance of displays, entertainment and shopping. 

As soon as we arrived we spotted some very well dressed people. This was my favourite couple because I love the colours in their outfits and they were just so lovely. I was really quite annoyed that I didn't stop and chat to them more but as we had only just arrived I was all excited to run around and see everything. I was also very envious of her parasol and had already been bemoaning that I had forgotten to bring mine and it was so bright; at least Indi ran back into the house to fetch the sun cream for me!

We had a wander around the displays first which are all very impressive. They have a wide range of different groups which take part and they even have pyrotechnics and things going off with a whizz pop! Also a man in a dug out said I had nice hair, aww shucks!

After that we went and wandered over to the cars. This was my favourite and just so happens to be the same colour as our fridge; I love that fridge. You can see my outfit here too. Since it was so boiling I didn't want to wear anything which was actually vintage so I wore this very comfortable polka dot dress which I picked up from the British Hearts Foundation but I believe it was originally Tesco's! I also wore some modern flat pumps as since the venue is essentially a field the ground is very uneven. Which I found out to my peril at last year's event!

Indi worn his £2 suit from Sue Ryder charity shop. You heard, two whole pounds that suit cost him! He also wore his tie which his granddad gave him.

I really liked this car as the hood ornament was a hare. Inside the engine there was an emergency hammer which said Thor on it so that delighted me too. I have also just noticed that you can see Indi in the reflection there too.

After the cars we then went around all of the stalls on site but I didn't do much shopping; it was so hot and there was very little shade so I flaked out in the shadow of a vintage truck. Even though I was all hot and red I did want Indi to get some pictures of my hair as I had used a tutorial from Cherry Dollface and also tried out my new rats which I bought when I was at Woodhall Spa 1940's weekend. I was pretty pleased with the results and I received some lovely compliments including "if there was a prize for best hair this weekend then you would win it". 

After that we went home because it was really getting too hot for me. If you would like more information on the Festival of the Forties you can read all about it here. However now I must say good night, because it's late right now, but join me soon for more vintage frolics and maybe even a bit of hot circle skirt action!


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