Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Twinwood Festival

I wish so much that I had taken more photos while we were at Twinwood however we had such a great time that I just got carried away in the fun. On Saturday I have to say we spent most of the day shopping and I bought the most wonderful hat! In the evening we saw Max Raabe and his Palast Orchestra. They were beyond anything I had anticipated and I wish he would play at more venues in England. Unfortunately we left a little before the end of his set due to being so tired, it was a very long day doing all of that shopping.

 On the Sunday we spent a little longer getting ready and also went to a local supermarket to pick up some items to have a picnic. My only criticism of the weekend was the food stalls; the only thing I could find to eat was bland mushroom noodles or fish and chips. However having our picnic was ever so much fun and at least we know for next year.

That evening we watched Max Raabe again but left so that we could assume some seats close to the front of the Colonial Club so that I could see Lola Lamour perform with her band The Lamours. Before their set though was the Casablanca Steps who were fabulous and I giggled away all through their set. No because I am rude mind you, but because they are so funny! The banter between songs was hilarious and the music top notch to boot! After that I finally got to see Lola Lamour and her Lamours. They literally blew me away! They played a fantastic range of songs and kicked things off with a cover of Tainted Love, one of my all time favourite songs and throw back from my 80’s obsession when I was at college.

We’re really looking forward to next year’s festival already even with Pickering on the horizon!


Jacqui said...

You are so lucky to have these events to enjoy. There is nothing like this in Canada, not that I've been able to find anyway, so I have to enjoy them through bloggers like you who share their experiences. So thank you!

Lottie Lee said...

I saw Lola Lamour in that documentary- Time Warp Wives (I know she hated how she was portrayed but I still thought she was a doll!) How fortunate you were to see her!

Keep up the lovely work with your blog!

Stay Glamorous!
xxxLottie Lee


Emileigh Mimi said...

I just discovered your blog because you follow mine, and I'm glad I did! You're super cute, and I like looking at your posts! What fun events! I don't know of anything like that around here, so I'm glad to live vicariously through you!