Sunday, 19 February 2012

Outfit Post: Primary Colours

Blue jeans, red t-shirt and yellow jumper.

I read in another blog not long ago (which I now can't find!) about mustard yellow and red as a colour combination for an outfit. It inspired me to put this outfit together and I wore it to Sunday lunch with my boyfriend and his parents. It was quite outside of my comfort zone as I generally wear black and white, with some red if I'm feeling really adventurous! I did enjoy wearing this bright palette though and will definitely wear this again.

My handbag isn't really a handbag; it's an impostor. The label says "A Product of Thorn Automation Ltd." And on the the other side reads "the instruction manual for this equipment is enclosed in the carton" along with a serial number, who it was tested by and the date; which was 8th April 1981. I have literally no idea what it was originally for but it's completely unused and smells of brand new leather. I decided that the equipment it should now enclose is a lipstick and Stratton compact.

Since getting my hair cut it has been much easier to curl and this weekend it was like a dream; I was wondering around in a daze of good hair (hence vacant expression) not one but two days in a row. I clipped one side back with the flower I made the other day and attached to a hair clip.

For a look at how another blogger has teamed mustard and red "Mustard is my new red" by Solanah at Vixen Vintage is a lovely post.

Jeans: Freddies of Pinewood
T-shirt: Primark (or as I like to say "well known, low cost, high street brand"
Cardigan: Well known, low cost, high street brand (HA!)
"Handbag": Ebay
Hair accessory: Made by Me!

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Black Dahlia said...

Hi Miss Rosie. Great first outfit post, I love your yellow sweater. I did my first outfit post last week, it was fun!

Up Toon Girl said...

Ha, we are cardigan twins!

I bought the very same one, in the mustard and the cream colours as they were reduced to a fiver in the sale. I got a nice red one too. I always feel as though I never have enough cardigans although I'm not really sure why as I probably have more cardies than any other item of clothing!

Miss Rosie Beau said...

Thanks Black Dahlia. It was quite fun doing this post, I'll check out yours in a bit.
Up Too Girl - Ha! So was mine. I needed a little persuasion to buy it but I'm so glad I did. And the same about the amount of cardies. In fact I've asked my boyfriend to go and fetch me another while I'm at work today!